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OPT Resources

Resources for OPT Students Impacted by Coronavirus:
  • Communicate with your employers: If you are participating in practical training, work with your employer to maintain practical training agreements. If changes have been made to your workplace environment, you should consult with your employer to seek alternative ways to maintain training agreements, such as teleworking or other arrangements.
  • Remember, running your own business, contract work, and volunteer work are all also acceptable types of employment while on OPT. Find ways to stay connected to practical training in your field of study by thinking outside the box about how you can gain experience during this time. Check out our Types of Employment resource.

What's Next?

Now that you've submitted your OPT application, it's time to find a job and update your F-1 visa status! 

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Career Center

Already thinking about OPT Employment? Good. The Career Center can help you apply your degree to the working world.

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