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Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are at the heart of instruction. They describe for the learner what the student is supposed to be able to do by the end of instruction for that course. Typically the number of SLOs for any course is dictated by the number of units of the course. Generally a 3-unit course should have 3-5 SLOs.   

SLO Accreditation Information - this includes lists, COR access, cycle information and reports.

How to Write Equitable SLOs (coming soon)

SLO Process

SLOs must be scored at least one semester, for all sections offered that semester, during a 4-year cycle. In Fall 2021, the SLO cycle changed from a 3-year cycle to a 4-year cycle to align with SBCC Program Review cycle.

When SLOs are scored per section, faculty should also fill out 3 reflection questions.

During that cycle a Course Improvement Plan (CIP), 8 questions, needs to be written. 
This only has to be completed once during the cycle for each course (not each section).

Cycle 1: Summer 08  - Spring 12
Cycle 2: Summer 12 - Spring 15
Cycle 3: Summer 15 - Spring 18
Cycle 4: Summer 18 - Spring 21
Cycle 5: Summer 21 - Spring 25

Differences between Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - Google definition

Objective – A course objective describes what a faculty member will cover in a course. They are generally less broad than goals and more broad than student learning outcomes.

Student Learning Outcome – A detailed description of what a student must be able to do at the conclusion of a course.

Each course has its own student outcomes called CSLOs. There are also program SLOs ( PSLOs) and Institutional level learning outcomes (ISLOs) at a broader level. SLOs are written by faculty and reviewed by both the faculty for a department and the college administration.

Student learning outcomes should be listed in your course syllabus.  All current SLOs can found in Curricunet

The data reported to AACJC accrediting commission can be found here: SBCC Accreditation Page

The Faculty Resource Center staff can provide some guidance in entering course SLO scores or submitting course improvement plan (CIPs) into eLumen. If you need help writing SLOs or CIPS, please contact Laura Woyach at the college.


Link to Google folder of samples