PopeTech Accessibility Checker for Canvas



Pope Tech is a tool that is installed inside Canvas to help us detect non-accessible content and correct it.  Pope Tech cannot read inside documents, links, or videos.   The tool can be run at the individual item level (page, assignment, etc.) or at the course level.


Add on for Canvas to detect and correct content for accessibility. 

With Pope Tech, Instructors Can:

  • Check Pages for accessibility issues
  • Check assignments, and discussions for accessibility issues
  • Correct those issues inside the tool

Guides and Tutorials

The below video is a 60 min demo from Pope Tech:


email frc-group@pipeline.sbcc.edu

Course dashboard help.

Tool Functionality

Only can be used inside of Canvas


Fully accessible tool used to make sure Canvas content is accessible.

Usage and Account Set Up

Access inside of Canvas.  Click on "Pope Tech Accessibility" on the left navigation to run the dashboard for your course.

Or at the bottom of any piece of content when your are in edit mode, click on the "P" icon at the bottom of the page to run Pope Tech only on that item.