Flip (previously Flipgrid) provides an interactive and dynamic way for educators to facilitate discussions, assess understanding, and encourage student participation through the use of written, audio-, and/or video-based communication.


Flip is a social learning platform that allows educators to create and share discussion prompts with their students. It provides a space for video-based discussions, enhancing student engagement, and promoting collaborative learning. The platform is often used as a tool for asynchronous communication, allowing students to respond to prompts with short video recordings.

Flip enables teachers to create "grids," which are essentially discussion boards, and within these grids, educators can post topics or questions for students to respond to. Students then create short video responses, which can be up to a specified duration, typically a few minutes. This format allows for more personal and expressive communication compared to traditional text-based discussions.

How to Use

Flip is available to use on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 
Getting Started
Educator Toolkit

Note: If you are grading comments, you will want to ask students to include their full name when posting and/or leaving reply comments.

With Flip, Instructors Can:

  • Create discussions with students
  • Create polls for students
  • Allow students to create a video, audio only, or written response
  • Include attachments, links, and emojis in original post and responses
  • Create a sense of community and collaboration in the learning process

Guides and Tutorials

Click on Flip's Getting Started menu item to learn about creating an account using your campus email address.


Flip Help Center

Email frc-group@pipeline.sbcc.edu 


Flip is dedicated to ensuring all students can be part of the discussion.

You can find the latest Accessibility Conformance Reports by going here and searching for Flip.

Contact Flip with any questions or ideas on improving accessibility.

Technical Information

You can create Flip videos on most browsers and mobile devices. To check if your system meets the minimum requirements, visit Flip's system check.

Important: Please make sure you're using the latest version of the Flip app.

Usage and Account Set Up

Instructors and students can create a Flip account for free.