Canva is a simple, online graphic design tool with thousands of images, backgrounds, and graphics available for free for faculty and students. Canva offers user the opportunity to create professional-looking images, slideshows, infographics, and other media.


Canva is for designing online course banners or any type of image for social media. If you want to design from scratch, get started by selecting a canvas size or from the templates provided. 

How to Use

How to Use Canva: A Beginner's Guide

Design School for Canva

With Canva, Instructors Can:

  • Create images for your Canvas class
    • Dashboard Images, page banners and buttons
    • Ads for campus portal rotating banner
    • Allow students to produce a project using creativity and visual communications.
  • Create Presentations for Lectures

Guides and Tutorials

FRC Handout: Getting started with (includes sizes used for images in Canvas)

Be sure to spend some time reviewing a few of Canva's fabulous (and fun) tutorials to learn some basic design skills.


Canva Support

Tool Functionality

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Canva accessibility features.

Technical Information

Technical requirements for Canva (Internet connection, browsers, iPhone and iPad mobile apps, Desktop app)

Usage and Account Set Up

Sign up for a Free Canva account. Click on the Sign Up button at the upper right corner. You can Sign up with your Google account.

Canva is always free for every individual. However, if you want to unlock premium features, individuals can upgrade to Canva Pro.